The Fractal Model was built by Fractal Energy Storage Consultants in 2015 to provide pre-construction technical design and financial analysis for utility-scale battery storage projects. Over the years, the tool grew in sophistication and earned license subscriptions from top utilities, developers and EPC companies around the world. Today, the Fractal Model strives to be the energy market’s choice for transparent, real-word storage investment analysis.


Over the last seven years, Fractal has accumulated the following consulting and owner’s engineering experience:

  • Over 500 consulting and engineering projects across ten countries
  • Hands-on operation and management of 150 MW battery storage (multiple chemistries)
  • Financial modeling, technical and financial due diligence for all types of energy companies ranging from small electric cooperatives to Fortune 500 companies
  • Successful application and management of $12M in utility grant projects
  • Deployment of over 80 MW of grid scale energy storage systems integration work, bi-directional inverter development, 1,000 Vdc battery rack development, real time controls development work, commissioning, testing and repowering services
  • Deployment of the Fractal Model, an industry leading energy storage evaluation tool
  • Consultant services that include technical design and financial analysis: +5 GW battery storage, +800 MW mechanical storage and +5 GW of solar and wind
  • Extensive work across North American markets as well as multiple islands and international locations using a variety of energy storage technologies
  • Successful application and management of $12M in utility grant projects
  • Management of 40+ utility-scale renewable energy and battery storage RFPs
  • Development of Fractal EMS, aturn-key hardware/software controls package
  • Recent project integration of six utility-scale storage projects (16.6 MWh) and an awarded pipeline of 7.3 GWh
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